Town of Fairhaven






A resident noble rules and appoints a lord mayor to oversee administration. An elected town council represents the interests of the middle class.


The noble commands a sizable force of 500 town watch, as well as personal bodyguards numbering 12 knights. Commerce: Basic supplies are readily available, though exotic goods and services are harder to find. Inns and
taverns support travelers.


The town contains Temples to the gods Torm and Kelemvor, Shrines to Dumathoin (Dwarven), Waukeen and Oghma; as well as various Inns, Taverns, merchant guilds and other organizations.

Local Lore

The town lies to the western edge of The Field of the Dead and has had to endure many undead risings throughout it’s history. These risings have been of varying intensity and are unpredictable, though none have been large enough to threaten the town as a whole.

The town’s main income is generated from agriculture and mining. The farmland surrounding the town is rich and fertile and the food and other agricultural goods are sent to several large cities including the capital of Baldurs Gate. The mining is done in the nearby mining complex in the Troll Hills.

Locations of Interest

Town Watch West,
Temple to Kelemvor,
The Swan and Pedo

Town Map:

Town of Fairhaven

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