Shattered Truths

Judgment Part I

A_Hearing.jpgThe party are woken and brought before The Fairhaven Council of Nine. The council was called together to descuss the events of the past few days including the attack on the town and the parties escape from the town cells.

The council, headed by Mayor Grobert Annan, begin by discussing the attack on the town. The party learned that the undead massed just outside the town and layed siege, preventing anyone from entering or exiting the town. In response to this threat the town watch moved more guards to the walls and gates.

After several hours a smaller undead force moved up from the waters of the river and attacked the town from within. They were able to move freely through the streets killing and burning as they went until they were met by a group of paladins and town watch at the Hall of Great Valor. Here the main force of the attack was halted but due to the low numbers of guards available, some of the undead were able to make their way around the defenders, through the graveyard and into the Temple of Kelemvor.

It was here that a small number of watchmen heading from the South Gate were able to mount a defense. The party arrived at this time and aided in the defeat of the undead outside the temple and were solely responsible for the rescue of Brother Symond and Senior Cleric Kerri from a monstrous undead minitor.

The council came to the conclusion that the undead were attempting to obtain the Shards of Bhaal from the reliquary in the temple and that the party were responsible for preventing them from succeeding.

They also discussed the attack in the town market and the possible implications this may have for the party and the town.

Finally they revealed that a pair of figures baring the same tattoos as the party, were seen among the undead and that they are believed to be in league with them.

The parties rescue of Brother Symond at his home, their retrieval of the Shards of Bhaal, the attack of the large fiend in the marketplace, the parties escape from the cells, their defiance of the survivors of the undead attack on the temple and the sighting of these figures baring the same markings are all discussed fully along with the testimony of Harry the spy sent into the cells to question the party in secret. The Mayer then passed judgment.

He judges that there was not enough evidence to convict or to hold the party.

He believed that the party were not deliberately threatening the safety of the town and that their actions have proven them to be decent people. He admited that the appearance of these markings on the figures among the undead was troubling and that more information on them would be needed.

Detained Part II

The_Undead_Threat_Banner_1.jpgAfter escaping from your unjust captivity at the hands of the townspeople of Fairhaven, you find yourself in the middle of a battle with the forces of the undead.


As you reached the streets you were faced with townspeople panicking and running east, away from an undead attack. You questioned one of the fleeing townspeople and found out that the undead were able to make their way into the city and attack.

The watch were able to muster but not before the horde made their way to the Temple of Kelemvor.

Upon reaching the temple you were faced with a battle. Several groups of watchmen were fighting a group of zombies and skeletons that were trying to make their way into the temple. You were able to help the watch overcome them and make your way into the temple.

Once inside you were faced with a skeleton minitor. It had gravely wounded Keri and was killing the temple acolytes. The watchmen that entered with you fled from the carnage. You stayed in order to kill the beast.

After the battle you found that Kerri had been gravely injured. Symond explained that he refused to flee from the attack. That he wanted to stay and defend his acolytes and the alter.

The party were escorted back to the Temple of Torm. There you were told that the Council of Nine has been called for the following day. There, the events of today would be discussed and a judgment would be handed down for the party. You were moved to more comfortable quarters, usually reserved for visiting paladins of the various orders of Torm, in the temple.

Detained Part I

Unjust_Captivity.jpgThe party wake up in a series of jail cells. Andrew in one, Claire in another and Slick and John in a third. A guard takes notice that they are awake and mentions that a Cleric of Torm will be down to inspect their wounds.

After a failed attempt to get more information from the guard the party began to speak to ,Harry, one of the other prisoners in John and Slick’s cell. He informed them that they were detained after the incident in the market place. No one know what exactly happened but people were rattled enough to warrant locking you up for fear that you had something to do with the summoning of that creature.
The Merchant’s Guild in particular, were extremely vocal about your imprisonment and are calling for summery punishment.

Upon hearing this you begin to plan your escape. After a short time Cleric Aliem arrived to tend to your groups wounds. She explains that the party were found a short time after their altercation with the ‘fiend’. They were unconscious and badly wounded. It is at this time that the party realised that Robbie was taken by the ‘fiend’ and the group that attacked them.

John was able to steal several medical tools from her satchel as she rushed through her examination. He was then able to pick the lock on their cell with the stolen medical tools, though you decided that you would have to wait for the right time before making your move.
After uncovering a gap in the wall between their cell and Claire’s, John was also able to pick the lock on her mask and shackles.

Claire used a spell to distract the guards and draw them towards her cell. At that moment John and Slick burst from their cell and attacked. After knocking them out they were able to release Andrew.

You were able to fight you way up the stairs, find your equipment and escape the temple.

The Loss

Balor_2.jpgYou have battled a monstrous fiend only to have one of your party captured and taken to some unknown place for reasons beyond your imagining.


As your group made it’s way through the town marketplace a strange otherworldly sound draws your attention. You notice a shimmering between a fallen lamp post and an ally wall. A powerful 12 foot tall creature emerges. This hulking monster has a whip-like tail and enormous wings that it wraps around itself like a cloak. Armored scales cover its body, and its fanged maw drips with venom. It’s whole body seems to be wreathed with flames. In one of its massive claws it carries an enormous spiked club.

After a brief fight the party were left at the edge of consciousness. In this state they perceived 5 distinct voices that were arguing among themselves.

The 1st voice, sounding aged and in an infernal accented common, proclaimed that the fight was “much shorter than previously anticipated. Though not an unsurprising outcome overall”. He seemed to be complaining directly to the party when he said that they “were a pain to find”.

A 2nd voice was deeper and full of rage. It interrupted, shouting that they should all be killed. That “they drew the attention of ‘her’ and that alone should be reason enough for disposing of them all”.

The 3rd voice, cold and slight, argued that they should all be taken back. Much time and energy was spent and to throw it all away so rashly would be a mistake.

The 4th one, high and sharp, argued for sparing them because it would simply be “more fun”. “Look at the mess they caused all on their own”. It would be hilarious to see what more they could do given the chance here.

The 5th one, sounding strong and confident, makes the point that they are indeed “too valuable. Never before has he gotten so close and though it’s now clear that he hasn’t yet achieved his goal, these specimen deserve more careful study. As a group they have proven to be too volatile to be brought back together but one should be taken for study”. The others are to be left behind to suffer in their ignorance. Perhaps in time, the one I take will expire, meaning another will have to be retrieved. After a time when they are no longer relevant, they can be disposed of.

After this argument was resolved the party drift into unconsciousness.

Shattered Part IV

A_Fragment_from_the_Past_Banner_1.jpgYou have delved underground into a ruined temple of the malevolent god Cyric and discovered shards of a long lost relic known as the Sword of Bhaal.


It take just under half a day of travel before the party arrive at the ruined temple site of Noc Tolle.

With some careful searching the party uncover several traps. A carefully hidden floor pit was discovered and disarmed and latter a poisoned darts trap in the walls of one of the halls.
Finding the hidden vault room the party gained some treasure and seven ceremonial swords. Each one has script printed along the blade in infernal. They read Strife, Deception, Illusion, Intrigue, Lies, Murder and Death.

In a grand chamber you discover a large diorama depicting 3 marble and obsidian statues. The central statue was of a tall lean skeletal figure wearing long flowing robes. The skull and hands were carved from white marble while the rest of the body was carved in black obsidian. The skull had gems for eyes and looked down with malevolent, amusement at the other two figures. In one white skeletal hand was a book and the other was empty, though looked as though it should have been holding something.

The other two figures were carved from dark polished stone. One was of a dark knight in full plate armor, forced down to one knee by an unseen blow and reaching to grasp something no longer before him. On this dark knight’s chestplate was an icon depicting a circle of bloody tears surrounding a skull (there was also a small oblong hole). At the foot of this dark knight figure was the word Bhaal. The other statue was of a shrouded woman, also seemingly reeling from a blow. She too was reaching to grasp something out before her that was no longer there and again there was a small oblong hole in her chest. At the foot of this female figure was the word Leira.

The party placed the correct swords in the hands of the statues a secret door opened leading to the reliquary.

You were then attacked by 1 Shadow and 1 Spector

The party then retrieve a shard of metal form atop a pillar reliquary.

Upon returning to the Hermit, you present him with the shard you discovered. He enplanes that is must be a Shard of Baal. A fragment of an ancient weapon, wielded by the god at the time of his death.

After returning to town the party bring the hermit to Senior Cleric Kerri at the temple of Kelemvor. Here it is revealed that the hermit is actually Brother Symond, a member of the Priests of Kelemvor and the Most Solemn Order of the Silent Shroud. He was charged with the secret study and protection of Noc Tolle.

Shattered Part III

Your party traveled for a day and eventually come upon the hermit’s dwelling. You encountered 5 Skeletons trying to break into the hermit’s hovel. Shouts of complaint could be heard coming from inside.

Upon defeating the Skeletons your group are permitted to enter. You questioned the hermit about the undead rising and explained that had been sent to escort him back to the town watch for questioning. The hermit refused to go willingly. He believed that the watch would be on a witch hunt for someone to blame for this rising and that his study of the local ruins would be reason enough for them to have him imprisoned or executed.

He explained that he had nothing to do with this rising. He was studying a ruined temple called Noc Tolle, to the east and was on the verge of a breakthrough when the dead began to rise of their own accord. He went on to explain that he believed that there was some powerful magic at work. His research pointed to a powerful artifact having been buried within the temple and that it must be connected to the undead risings in the area. Your party were asked to go to the ruin to find the artifact and bring it back to him. He believed that he could then be able to identify it and determine the cause of this rising.

You give him the benefit of the doubt and agree to let him stay while you investigated the ruin. For this the hermit offered you a key to the Main Temple Door.

Shattered Part II

Forgotten_and_Lost_Banner_1.jpgFrom these first moments, naked and isolated atop a hill somewhere in the Eastern Reaches of the Sword Coast, on the vast continent know as Faerun, your party has been propelled into a war between the living and the dead. You have found yourself in the town of Fairhaven.


You find the nearest town – Fairhaven.
Upon arriving at the Southern Gate to the town you are witness to units of town watch hurrying through. The farmer makes the case for your being permitted to enter the town and finds out that the undead have been rising all over the countryside and attacking all they encounter.

You made your way to meet Watch Commander Orel in the hopes of getting some paid work. You were instructed to wait in the local Inn until morning as the watch and the death clergy are on alert and the commander has been called away.

After rest the party meet with Watch Commander Orel and are offered a mission in exchange for some better equipment and a modest sum of money upon completion. You are asked to seek out a Hermit that lives in the wilds. He has been associated with smaller undead risings in the past and may well have some involvement in this crisis. You are to bring this hermit in for questioning.

You then sought out Senior Cleric Kerri at the Temple to Kelemvor. You hoped that he may also have some information on the current crises or even some clue as to who you all are. He offers you the same quest as Commander Orel though asks that you bring the hermit to the temple before turning him over to the town watch.

Thus far you have been unable to find out any information on who you all are or where you all came from. No one seems to be able to identify the markings on your shoulders.

Shattered Part I
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Scarecrow_Banner_1.jpgYou are one of five strangers that awoke to find yourself naked, in the middle of a field under the shade of two arching trees. You quickly find that, along with any clothing, you are missing memories. You can speak (most of you in several languages) and you know that you bare skills and talents but you don’t know your names or where you are or how you got there. Your only clue to your past is a strange tattoo that you all seem to bare over your left shoulder.

You looked for help from a local close by. The farm hand brought the party to the main farm house at Twin Oaks Farm. Here you were asked to help fend off an attack by some unknown creature. You were given access to a crossbow, 20 bolts, a greataxe, a shortbow, 20 arrows, a mace, a wooden shield, several improvised components shoved into a small bag and 3 sets of leather armor.

You found the bodies of 2 dead farm hands near a smoldering bonfire. Investigation of the bodies showed that one died of multiple deep slashes while the other was strangled. One has burns to one hand and forearm. You were then set upon by a Scarecrow.

After retearning to the farm house you are all invited to stay for the night and to have a meal . The next morning the farmer brought you into the town on his cart. He also gave you some food, clothing and promised 80GP in a couple of days, after he sold his most recent crop. They told a little about the Town of Fairhaven and advised that they may be able to find some work there and perhaps some answers to what’s going on. They are told to seek out the commander of the Town Watch at Town Watch West or the high priest at the Temple of Kelemvor.


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