Story_Begins_Banner_1.jpgFrom the blackness a sound. A birds song accompanied by a the gentle rustling of leaves. You begin to feel the warmth of a summer sun on your skin and the coolness of a gentle breeze. As you open your eyes you are faced with a leafy canopy, partially shading you from the harshness of the sun. You turn your head to get a better sense of your surroundings. You are lying on the soft grass in the the shade of 2 great oak trees that have grown into a great arch, overlooking a vast green countryside.
As you begin to sit up your mind reaches out as if for something. Something that should have come naturally. Something that should have come effortlessly. Panic begins to overcome you. but you are unsure as to what it is that’s driving it. Then a sudden realisation strikes and you find yourself breathless. You don’t know your own name.

Shattered Truths

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