Tymora the Lady of Luck, Lady Who Smiles and Our Smiling Lady

Tymora_Icon.jpgTymora (pronounced tie-MORE-ah) or more commonly Lady Luck


Goddess of Good fortune, skill, victory and adventurers.


Chaotic Good




Tymora owes her impressive popularity to two factors. Firstly, her dominance over narrow escapes and lucky discoveries makes her the patron of choice to Faerun’s burgeoning adventurer population, who propitiate her in hopes of prolonged survival and spectacular takes. The greatest boon to her church came during the Time of Troubles, when Tymora appeared to followers in Arbel and set up shop in the temple known as the Lady’s House. As the entire continent quaked with magic gone wild, Tymora offered all too absent stability and the reassurances that some deity still cared about their human subjects. The ability to actually meet a deity (in exchange for a reasonable donation to the church, of course) bolstered faith in desperate times and the ranks of her clergy and followers swelled accordingly.


Originally a single deity, Tyche, controlled both good and bad luck. A fickle deity whose attention just as often brought calamity as calm, Tyche wandered through her existence controlled only by her whims, seldom concerning herself with anything or anyone for more than a moment.

During her travels, she was tricked and cursed by Moander, deity of rot and decay. He drained of her life-force and left as a withered disgusting creature. Selune, a friend of Tyche and godess of the moon, lashed out with a bolt of purifying light. Tyche’s form split right down the middle and from the husk emerged two completely new deities. Beshaba the Maid of Misfortune and Tymora Lady of Luck.

Since that day, Tymora and Beshaba have continued their struggle. For Beshaba, their battle is one of wholehearted destruction. Tymora, for her part, seeks to stave off the Maid of Misfortune’s depredations, occasionally punishing her cruel ambition with a particularly choice humiliation.

Tymora the Lady of Luck, Lady Who Smiles and Our Smiling Lady

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