Torm the True, the True Deity and the Loyal Fury

Torm_Icon_1.jpgTorm (pronounced TORM), is the god of law and a lawful good deity. His symbol is a gauntlet, much like the symbol of Helm, though specifically Torm’s symbol is a right-hand gauntlet held upright with palm forward.


Duty, Loyalty, Obedience, Paladins and Righteousness


Lawful Good


House of the Triad

Practices and rituals

Clerics of Torm pray for their spells at dawn. On the 13th of Eleasias, they celebrate a somber ceremony known as the Divine Death to commemorate Torm’s sacrificial destruction of Bane.

The 15th of Marpenoth sees a more jovial ritual in the form of the True Resurrection, which celebrates the anniversary of Trom’s Return to Toril at the behest of Ao.

Shieldmeet, traditionally a time when Faerunians enter new agreements and compacts, is a time of great religious significance to followers of the deity of duty, who take their oaths very seriously.

In addition to the daily morning prayer, clerics are expected to give thanks and honor to Torm through quiet prayers at noon, dusk and midnight.


Torm the True, patron of paladins and unswerving enemy of corruption and evil, serves the people of Faerun by exemplifying the chivalric ideal, An ascended hero wio lived his mortal life in service to a just sovereign, Torm eschews the pretense of his fellow deities, instead adopting a humble position that he exists to serve common good and the rule of law as established by honorable mortal rulers.

Though a true deity with awesome power at his disposal, the Loyal Fury is all to familiar with the failings of Mortal men, having fallen victim to hubris, gullibility and ignorance when confined to a mortal shell during the Time of Troubles. During that seminal event, Torm allowed himself to be controlled by his own corrupt, oppressive clerics for a short time, an occurrence that game him perspective on his own flaws and enhanced his sense of humility.

Stern, righteous and unyielding in the face of evil, Torm’s spirit lifts when dealing with his friend, the weak, the defenseless and the young.


Torm battled Bane in the harbor of teh city of Tantras durning the Time of Troubles, destroying the Black Lord in personal combat (with Bane’s last breath Torm was also destroyed but later returned to life by Ao). As such, he became a hero to good-hearted people throughout the contenent, a savior who in slaying Bane delivered Faerun from the machinations of the deity of strife and tyranny.

In nations across the continent, Torm became a symbol of heroism and bravery, the ideal knight serving his followers with a transforming act of self-sacrifice appreciated even by great Ao himself. This adoration extended to Torm’s church, which experienced a renaissance and philosophical blooming as its numbers swelled and new thinkers and adherents joined the congregation.

In the years following that time clerics and paladins of Torm have enjoyed popularity unparalleled in Faerun.

Torm the True, the True Deity and the Loyal Fury

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