The Fairhaven Council of Nine

The council of Nine is a small group of influential people that meet to descuss and make judgments on important matters involving Fairhaven and it’s surrounding lands. Though ultimately the Baroness has final say on all issues of policy brought before the council, she does rely on the various members of the council for advice relating to their areas of expertise.

The members are nominated by the various influential groups within the town and appointed and dismissed by the Baroness. The council usually consists of nine representatives (as the name suggests) though all members are not required for a meeting to be called.

In the absence of the Baroness, the Lord Mayer is considered the head of the council and has final authority over it’s judgments.

The nine members are:
Baroness Hilla Rowe
Mayor Grobert Annan
Watch Commander Orel
Sir Roderik
Senior Cleric Kerri
Headmistress Rarder Yartyng
Dumathoin Storik
Jamund Erris
Tholles Jamund

The Fairhaven Council of Nine

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