The Creator Races

There were five great ‘Creator Races’ that arose on Toril. The first was the Saurian race. They built an extensive if short-lived civilization. It’s survivors eventually became the Nagas, Lizardfolk, Troglodytes and similar creatures.

Supreme among the creator races were the Dragon, dominating the surface world, claiming vast areas of territory and battling each other for land, mates and status. The great drakes suffered setbacks only when lesser races mastered magic and they remain influential today despite the advances of such rabble.

An aquatic race of shapechanger that became amphibious developed late during the Saurian Civilization and crept onto the land, building proud cities. These creatures eventually fell into barbarism. The survivors of this race are the Locathah in the sea and Doppelgangers on land.

Last known of the creator races are the Sylvan people that populated the forests and other wooded areas, living in harmony with nature and leaving few traces. Their descendants are the sprite and other small woodfolk that populate secret parts of Toril today.

The last creator race, and the one that spent the longest time in a primitive state, is the humans. Always adaptable and ingenious, humans made advances with incredible speed and efficiency when circumstances allowed for their rise to prominence. Of the five creator races, only the humans truly survive as a cohesive civilization today. The individual dragons war with each other, and the others have vanished from the world or splintered among their subraces.

The Creator Races

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