Ruined Temple of Noc Tolle


On the edge of a cliff, overlooking The Winding Waters.




This complex of ruined structures lies overgrown with vines, trees and various other forms of wild vegetation. The remains, outline what must have been a monastery of some sort. The dark stone used in it’s construction and what remain of the statues and gargoyles give the place a foreboding atmosphere and indicate that whoever or whatever was worshiped here, must have been a malevolent power. The party get the impression that even in it’s hay day this was not meant to be welcoming place.


Originally a monastery Jergal. Following his abdication it was dedicated to Myrkul and finally after his death it was rededicated to Cyric. A few years after ‘The Time of Troubles’ when the fledgling town of Fairhaven was beginning to grow and prosper, a force of Paladins of Torm and Clerics of Kelemvor purged the site and left it to ruin and decay.

Ruined Temple of Noc Tolle

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