Mystra the Lady of Mysteries and the Mother of All Magic

Mystra_Icon.jpgMystra (miss-trah) is the god of Magic, spells and the Weave.


Magic, Spells and the Weave


Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil, Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral and Neutral Good



Practices and rituals

Clerics of Mystra pick one time of day or night to consistently pray for spells. They celebrate the 15th day of Marpenoth, the anniversary of the ascension of the current Mystra from her mortal form but otherwise have few calendar-related rituals, focusing more on a personal style of worship.


She provides for and tends to the Weave, of which she is effectively the embodiment. The Weave is the coduit that enables the mortal spellcasters and magical crafters to safely access the raw force that is magic. Mystra is also the deity of the possibilities that magic can bring about, making her one of the most powerful being involved with Toril. Although she favors the ethos of good, she has learned that as a deity of magic, she must preserve the Balance. While she can prevent the creation of new spells and magic items that her philosophy opposes, she rarely exercises this ability unless they threaten the Weave or magic in general. Mystra appears as a beautiful human woman with dark, flowing hair and radiant skin.


Midnight, born Ariel Manx, was obsessed with the quest for magical knowledge from a very young age. From her 21st year on she began to feel a presence from time to time. She would feel her skin tingle coolly and began to feel that she was somehow being followed or observed. After such attentions, she always found that spells, which she had labored over for weeks, would suddenly work without any problem. Midnight soon suspected that she had been granted special attention by Mystra herself and believed that she was being groomed for the position of Magister.
Sunlar, high priest of the Deepingdale temple of Mystra, took Midnight under his supervision. during which time Midnight’s knowledge of self-defense and magic improved leaps and bounds. She spent a year in the temple before she left. For the next three years Midnight devoted herself to Mystra’s worship and pursued every scrap of magic she could.

Following this, during the Avatar Crisis, Midnight joined an adventuring group with Cyric and Kelemvore, with the goal of finding the Tablets of Truth and bringing an end to the chaos and upheaval. Soon after Mystra died at the hands of Helm while trying to return to the planes. Ao then chose Midnight to take up the mantle of Mystra and restore magic to Torl.
Like Cyric and Kelemvor, it took the new mystra some time to grow into her new role as a deity. For a decade, she battled her old enemy Cyric on many occasions, and for a time, withheld the use of magic from deities and mortals alike. However, since then she seems to have learned her role as gardian of the Balance and impartial arbiter of the Weave.

Mystra the Lady of Mysteries and the Mother of All Magic

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