Kelemvor Lord of the Dead and Judge of the Damned

Kelemvor_Icon_1.jpgKelemvor (pronounced KELL-em-vor), formerly Kelemvor Lyonsbane, also known as the Lord of the Dead and Judge of the Damned


The god of Death and The Dead


Lawful Neutral


The Crystal Spire in the Fugue Plane.


Fair yet cold, Kelemvor is the god of death and the dead – the most recent deity to hold this position, following in the footsteps of Myrkul, and Cyric. Unlike these other deities, whose rule as gods of the dead made the afterlife an uncertain and fearful thing, Kelemvor urged knowledge that death was a natural part of life and should not be feared as long as it was understood. As a result of his deep respect for life and death, he holds the undead in the uttermost contempt.


If not for the Time of Troubles, the mortal warrior known as Kelemvor Lyonsbane likely would have died on some battlefield, alone and unmourned. He was the victim of a bewildering ancestral curse that forced him to assume the form of a violent magical panter whenever he performed a rare act of kindness. However, he fell in with a band of adventurers that included Cyric and a young arcane spellcaster called Midnight. By the end of the Godswar, all three had become deities, through cunning plots and betrayal or purest happenstance.
Roughly 10 years after the Godswar, a plot by Cyric saw the god driven temporarily insane. This afforded an opportunity for Kelemvor to steal the portfolio of Death and The Dead from him and to ascend to full Godhood.

Kelemvor Lord of the Dead and Judge of the Damned

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