Gorlag's Hall

Bullywug Hideout:

Gorlag’s Hall


On a large island somewhere in the Swamp of Exos.


The island is at the centre of a collection of sunken structures. Broken and shattered walls and columns poke out from the swamp in several places. No roofs remain but several walls still stand, covered in moss and slime. There are torches mounted in sconces on the walls and tied to poles that protrude from the surface of the swamp.
In the centre of the island and at the top of a small hill, lie the remains of a great hall. Like the other ruins, there is no roof but the walls are still standing and decorative carvings are still clearly visible under the layers of grime (though in some places crude drawings have been painted over them). Large ornate columns line the central passage of the hall.


King Gorlag and his court of Bullywugs and his guards. The king has a contingent of 10 royal guards. There are approximately 30 Bullywugs in Gorlag’s court and several hundred others in the area surrounding the great hall.

Gorlag's Hall

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