City Watch Cells

City Watch Cells:

Standard collection of holding cells.


Underneath the City Watch HQ and connected to the Temple of Torm.


A collection of group and single cells, all connected to a small hallway. The air is damp and smells of mold. There are no windows so the only light comes from a series of torches in sconces along the walls of the main hallway. The brickwork throughout is crude but sturdy. The furniture in the cells is crafted from wood and is worn but still solid. The matrices are staw and the blankets are made of rough spun wool.
In total there are 4 group cells each with 6 – 8 beds and 3 single cells each with one bed.


There are 16 prisoners (including the party) occupying the cells. The 1st group cell houses John and Slick along with 2 others. The 2nd houses 3 others, the 3rd has 6 prisoners and the 4th is empty. In the single cells there are 3 prisoners, the 1st has Andrew, the 2nd has Claire (gagged with a metal contraption, with a lock at the back of her neck) and the 3rd has another prisoner.
There is one Jailor and a guard on the first level. Up the stairs there is 2 – 4 more guards at the jail entrance.

City Watch Cells

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