Baldur's Gate


Baldur’s Gate

General Information and Appearance

As a wealthy port metropolis, it is an important merchant city on the Sword Coast. The strong presence of the powerful Flaming Fist mercenary company maintain order within the city.

The city’s unique shape, curved around its harbor, gives it the appearance of a crescent moon. The docks and shipping facilities are among the most efficient along the coast and the city relies heavily on the ships that dock there. A large open marketplace, called The Wide, dominates the northeast portion of the walled city, and other large structures include The High Hall, seat of the city government, the High House of Wonders, a large temple to Gond, and the Sea-tower of Balduran, a small fortress in the center of the harbor. To keep vermin from spreading too much into the city proper, cats are bred and encouraged to roam the city.


42,000 inhabitants (although that almost doubles in the summer months)


Baldur’s Gate is ruled by four grand dukes, the Council of Four. The rulers include Duke Eltan, leader of the Flaming Fist, Belt, a powerful warrior and divine spellcaster, Liia Jannath, a mage, and Entar Silvershield, the richest man in Baldur’s Gate, but also a strong warrior in his own right. The Council is part of the Lords’ Alliance, which includes Waterdeep, Neverwinter and Silverymoon, among others.

Below the council sits the Parliament of Peers, a group of about fifty Baldurians who meet daily (though almost never in full number) to discuss the future of the city and recommend actions for the dukes to take on all matters, great and small. At any given time, roughly one-quarter of the peers are powerful members of Lower City society, with the rest drawn from the Upper City’s noble families, called patriars.


The Flaming Fists are based in the city of Baldur’s Gate, where its members serve as a guard within the city. At one time they only served to guard the poorer areas of the city and the docks with a formal city watch was responsible for policing the wealthier districts.

Over time, as the group grew in strength and numbers, the famous adventurer and central figure in the Bhaalspawn Crisis Adrian Adrian was inducted as a leader among its mercenary military and was elected a duke for life. He then orchestrated the absorption of the existing City Watch, leaving the Flaming Fists solely responsible for the enforcement to law in the city.


The Flaming Fists
The Flaming Fist is the largest and most powerful mercenary company in all of Faerûn. The Fist is based in the city of Baldur’s Gate on the Sword Coast, where its members serve as a guard within the city. They also work out of this city, going down just south of Beregost but stopping before Nashkel. The organization is run by Duke Abdel Adrian, one of the four Grand Dukes of Baldur’s Gate and a world renowned hero.

The Guild
Baldurs Gate is home to a powerful and influential Thieves Gild (referred to as ‘The Guild’). Due to the ever present threat posed by expansion of ‘The Shadow Thieves of Amn’, Xanathar’s Guild out of Waterdeep and the heavy Guard presence within the city, not to mention the ‘Flaming Fist’s’ mercenary group, the Guild has struggled to maintain control over the criminal activities of the Balders Gate underground. Time and again they have been forced to adapt, change their tactics and strategies in order to survive.

Finally, under the guidance of the Shar family, the most ruthless dynasty to have retained control over the guild for any real length of time, (3 generations) the guild began to grow. Over time forcing out their rivals, infiltrating the guard, cutting deals with government officials (even the Dukes) and generating wealth from the constant flow of trade through the city docks, the guild has thrived. Strict rules of law were drawn up by the Shar’s to help maintain order within The Guild. These laws emphasized loyalty and a strict hierarchy.

As the criminal undertakings of the guild served to satisfy and control the needs of the marginalized (and undesirable) members of the populace, gambling, prostitution, money lending and the black market the guild has been allowed (all be it unofficially) to continue it’s operations by ‘The Guard’ and ‘the Flaming Fists’. The Dukes themselves have been known to turn a blind eye to some of their dealings as ‘The Guild’ is openly at war with ‘The Shadow Thieves of Amn’ and is preventing them from gaining any real foot hold in the city.

Local Lore

The city takes its name from the great seafaring hero Balduran.1 Long ago, Balduran sailed to the fabled Anchorome and returned with great wealth which was used to build the wall around what became Baldur’s Gate. He left the city again, presumably to return to Anchorome, but never returned.

At the time, the growing town was controlled by local farmers who mercilessly taxed incoming shipments. This infuriated ship captains, who believed that since the harbor wasn’t walled in, its traffic should not be taxed, and they eventually overthrew the farmers. The four eldest captains ruled the city together, and jokingly called themselves “dukes,” which stuck.

Places of interest

The Blushing Mermaid
Elfsong Tavern
Splurging Sturgeon
The Low Lantern

The Helm and Cloak
Three Old Kegs
The Blade and Stars
Ye Old Inn

The Hall of Wonders (temple of Gond)
The Water­Queen’s House (temple of Umberlee)
The Lady’s Hall (temple of Tymora):
The Watchful Shield (Church of Helm)
Temple of Oghma
Shrine of the Suffering (shrine of Ilmater)

Shops and Businesses
Blade and Stars (Weapon Smith)
Molts Weapon Shop (Weapon Smith)
Sorcerous Sundries (Magic Shop)
Lucky Aello’s Shop (General Shop)
Ramazeth’s Tower (Wizard’s Tower)
Cloak and Helm (Armorer and Tanner)
The Poll Tree (Poultry Shop)
Quinn’s Potions (Potion Shop)

Baldur's Gate

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