Ancient Ruin of Ballictar

Ancient Ruin:



In the centre of a boggy area. A muddy path can be made out by the tracker but the going is tough. After an hour of travel the path becomes more dry and direct.


The ruin that stands here is large. It is a complex of broken walls, massive weathered statues and large decorated columns. The site is enclosed in an immense wall, that would have been a formidable obstacle when the site was intact but now is a tumbled heap of stone in most places. The main entranceway is still relatively intact and retains much of it’s grandeur and impressiveness . The path through is flanked by a procession of statues. Though many have now decayed to rubble some are still standing and clearly depict human, elven or possibly dwarven figures, standing vigil.
The ground around the entryway shows signs of heavy use.
As you make your way through long open passageways and grand halls, you can make out many impressive statues. Some are in much better condition and are adorned in weathered, though still clearly fine metal armor. The figures appear elven and dwarven in design. These statues are often carrying ornate carved boxes or litters filled with goods. Some are shown to be planting poles or standards in the ground.
The party pass many chambers though the tracks all lead to one grand central chamber.


This temple was built around a convergence of portal activity. Many portals lead hear from many realms throughout the planes.

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Ancient Ruin of Ballictar

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