Watch Commander Orel

The Commander of the Fairhaven Town Watch


A tall stocky man with a bushy red beard and eyebrows. His armor is well polished and cared for but deep scratches and the occasional dent betray years of hard use; while splatters of dirt and blood indicate a recent battle. The crest across the chest plate is of a cracked skull with red eyes over a field of blue waves and is the crest of his family.


He is the Commander of the Fairhaven Town Watch and member of the Council of Nine. He works very closely with Sir Roderik and his Paladins from the Fairhaven Temple of Torm

His family were the wardens of the Boareskyr Bridge, where Bhaal was slayn by Cyric during the Times of Trouble. They fought for nether side but instead struggled to evacuate the innocents for the surrounding area.

Watch Commander Orel

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