Jeyland and Hands

Owners and proprietors of The Swan and Pedo Inn


Jayland is a short middle aged man with brown hair and a slight build. He is often seen wearing clothing that, at one time, may have been of fine quality but over years of wear have become tired and worn out.

Hands is a taller middle aged man with dark hair and stubble on his chin. He is often in clothing that he has attempted to fashion himself. This gives him an unconventional look that hands maintains was his goal.

The two men have conflicting views on how the establishment should be run. Hands believes that first and foremost, the Inn should make an anarchist statement and that typical business practices should be avoided at all costs. Jaylend is more conventional in that he believes the Inn should tailor to their customer’s needs and make a profit in doing so. Jaylend’s more understandable goal is hindered by his more unconfrontational nature when dealing with his partner Hands.
The one thing that the two Innkeepers have in common is their overall lack of wits and intelligence. These factors have resulted in the Inn becoming one of the least popular (and cheapest) Inns in the town.


Jeyland and Hands. A pair of human men who inherited the Inn from a relative currently interned in an asylum in the capital of Baldur’s Gate.

Jeyland and Hands

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