Harry Agutie

Prisoner of the Fairhaven Town Watch


Harry is one of the 2 prisoners in the 1st cell. He is fey in appearance, with gray hair and light hazel eyes. His clothes look to be in good condition apart from the dirt and grime that has come from too many nights spent in this cell.. Harry is fascinated by fine wines and liquors. He claims that he was locked up for robbing a local merchant’s shop. He maintains that the merchant had cheated him out of his money by selling him poor quality leather.

In reality Harry was working for Headmistress Rarder Yartyng. He was sent to observe the party and to determine whether they were in any way to blame for the events unfolding around Fairhaven. If he was to feel the party were innocent then he is to help them escape the cells and follow them before making contact again and bringing them to meet Rander.


Harry Agutie

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