Brother Symond

A secret member of the Most Solemn Order of the Silent Shroud


He is an aging half-elf with a gray stubbed chin, hooked nose and small round glasses. As a hermit he wore brown robes and carried a sizable notebook and quarterstaff. After retearning the temple of Kelemvor he takes to wearing a polished silver breastplate over fine ceremonial robes. He always bares a medallion in the shape of a skeletal arm holding up a balanced scales, the symbol of his order. Though he is advanced in age he has proven not to be as frail as might seem.


A member of the Most Solemn Order of the Silent Shroud, Brother Symond was tasked with studying and keeping watch over the ruins of Noc Tolle, disguised as a hermit. He was to report on any cult activity especially that which may lead to the raising of the dead.

After the events that lead the party to fetch him back to Fairhaven Brother Symond took up a more prominent position at the temple of Kelemvor. After the wounding of the head cleric, Brother Kerri, Symond undertook all of Kerri’s responsibilities in the temple and in the government of the town.

Brother Symond

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