Shattered Truths

Shattered Part I

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Scarecrow_Banner_1.jpgYou are one of five strangers that awoke to find yourself naked, in the middle of a field under the shade of two arching trees. You quickly find that, along with any clothing, you are missing memories. You can speak (most of you in several languages) and you know that you bare skills and talents but you don’t know your names or where you are or how you got there. Your only clue to your past is a strange tattoo that you all seem to bare over your left shoulder.

You looked for help from a local close by. The farm hand brought the party to the main farm house at Twin Oaks Farm. Here you were asked to help fend off an attack by some unknown creature. You were given access to a crossbow, 20 bolts, a greataxe, a shortbow, 20 arrows, a mace, a wooden shield, several improvised components shoved into a small bag and 3 sets of leather armor.

You found the bodies of 2 dead farm hands near a smoldering bonfire. Investigation of the bodies showed that one died of multiple deep slashes while the other was strangled. One has burns to one hand and forearm. You were then set upon by a Scarecrow.

After retearning to the farm house you are all invited to stay for the night and to have a meal . The next morning the farmer brought you into the town on his cart. He also gave you some food, clothing and promised 80GP in a couple of days, after he sold his most recent crop. They told a little about the Town of Fairhaven and advised that they may be able to find some work there and perhaps some answers to what’s going on. They are told to seek out the commander of the Town Watch at Town Watch West or the high priest at the Temple of Kelemvor.



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