Shattered Truths

The Loss

Balor_2.jpgYou have battled a monstrous fiend only to have one of your party captured and taken to some unknown place for reasons beyond your imagining.


As your group made it’s way through the town marketplace a strange otherworldly sound draws your attention. You notice a shimmering between a fallen lamp post and an ally wall. A powerful 12 foot tall creature emerges. This hulking monster has a whip-like tail and enormous wings that it wraps around itself like a cloak. Armored scales cover its body, and its fanged maw drips with venom. It’s whole body seems to be wreathed with flames. In one of its massive claws it carries an enormous spiked club.

After a brief fight the party were left at the edge of consciousness. In this state they perceived 5 distinct voices that were arguing among themselves.

The 1st voice, sounding aged and in an infernal accented common, proclaimed that the fight was “much shorter than previously anticipated. Though not an unsurprising outcome overall”. He seemed to be complaining directly to the party when he said that they “were a pain to find”.

A 2nd voice was deeper and full of rage. It interrupted, shouting that they should all be killed. That “they drew the attention of ‘her’ and that alone should be reason enough for disposing of them all”.

The 3rd voice, cold and slight, argued that they should all be taken back. Much time and energy was spent and to throw it all away so rashly would be a mistake.

The 4th one, high and sharp, argued for sparing them because it would simply be “more fun”. “Look at the mess they caused all on their own”. It would be hilarious to see what more they could do given the chance here.

The 5th one, sounding strong and confident, makes the point that they are indeed “too valuable. Never before has he gotten so close and though it’s now clear that he hasn’t yet achieved his goal, these specimen deserve more careful study. As a group they have proven to be too volatile to be brought back together but one should be taken for study”. The others are to be left behind to suffer in their ignorance. Perhaps in time, the one I take will expire, meaning another will have to be retrieved. After a time when they are no longer relevant, they can be disposed of.

After this argument was resolved the party drift into unconsciousness.



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