Shattered Truths

Shattered Part IV

A_Fragment_from_the_Past_Banner_1.jpgYou have delved underground into a ruined temple of the malevolent god Cyric and discovered shards of a long lost relic known as the Sword of Bhaal.


It take just under half a day of travel before the party arrive at the ruined temple site of Noc Tolle.

With some careful searching the party uncover several traps. A carefully hidden floor pit was discovered and disarmed and latter a poisoned darts trap in the walls of one of the halls.
Finding the hidden vault room the party gained some treasure and seven ceremonial swords. Each one has script printed along the blade in infernal. They read Strife, Deception, Illusion, Intrigue, Lies, Murder and Death.

In a grand chamber you discover a large diorama depicting 3 marble and obsidian statues. The central statue was of a tall lean skeletal figure wearing long flowing robes. The skull and hands were carved from white marble while the rest of the body was carved in black obsidian. The skull had gems for eyes and looked down with malevolent, amusement at the other two figures. In one white skeletal hand was a book and the other was empty, though looked as though it should have been holding something.

The other two figures were carved from dark polished stone. One was of a dark knight in full plate armor, forced down to one knee by an unseen blow and reaching to grasp something no longer before him. On this dark knight’s chestplate was an icon depicting a circle of bloody tears surrounding a skull (there was also a small oblong hole). At the foot of this dark knight figure was the word Bhaal. The other statue was of a shrouded woman, also seemingly reeling from a blow. She too was reaching to grasp something out before her that was no longer there and again there was a small oblong hole in her chest. At the foot of this female figure was the word Leira.

The party placed the correct swords in the hands of the statues a secret door opened leading to the reliquary.

You were then attacked by 1 Shadow and 1 Spector

The party then retrieve a shard of metal form atop a pillar reliquary.

Upon returning to the Hermit, you present him with the shard you discovered. He enplanes that is must be a Shard of Baal. A fragment of an ancient weapon, wielded by the god at the time of his death.

After returning to town the party bring the hermit to Senior Cleric Kerri at the temple of Kelemvor. Here it is revealed that the hermit is actually Brother Symond, a member of the Priests of Kelemvor and the Most Solemn Order of the Silent Shroud. He was charged with the secret study and protection of Noc Tolle.



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