Shattered Truths

Shattered Part III

Your party traveled for a day and eventually come upon the hermit’s dwelling. You encountered 5 Skeletons trying to break into the hermit’s hovel. Shouts of complaint could be heard coming from inside.

Upon defeating the Skeletons your group are permitted to enter. You questioned the hermit about the undead rising and explained that had been sent to escort him back to the town watch for questioning. The hermit refused to go willingly. He believed that the watch would be on a witch hunt for someone to blame for this rising and that his study of the local ruins would be reason enough for them to have him imprisoned or executed.

He explained that he had nothing to do with this rising. He was studying a ruined temple called Noc Tolle, to the east and was on the verge of a breakthrough when the dead began to rise of their own accord. He went on to explain that he believed that there was some powerful magic at work. His research pointed to a powerful artifact having been buried within the temple and that it must be connected to the undead risings in the area. Your party were asked to go to the ruin to find the artifact and bring it back to him. He believed that he could then be able to identify it and determine the cause of this rising.

You give him the benefit of the doubt and agree to let him stay while you investigated the ruin. For this the hermit offered you a key to the Main Temple Door.



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