Shattered Truths

Shattered Part II

Forgotten_and_Lost_Banner_1.jpgFrom these first moments, naked and isolated atop a hill somewhere in the Eastern Reaches of the Sword Coast, on the vast continent know as Faerun, your party has been propelled into a war between the living and the dead. You have found yourself in the town of Fairhaven.


You find the nearest town – Fairhaven.
Upon arriving at the Southern Gate to the town you are witness to units of town watch hurrying through. The farmer makes the case for your being permitted to enter the town and finds out that the undead have been rising all over the countryside and attacking all they encounter.

You made your way to meet Watch Commander Orel in the hopes of getting some paid work. You were instructed to wait in the local Inn until morning as the watch and the death clergy are on alert and the commander has been called away.

After rest the party meet with Watch Commander Orel and are offered a mission in exchange for some better equipment and a modest sum of money upon completion. You are asked to seek out a Hermit that lives in the wilds. He has been associated with smaller undead risings in the past and may well have some involvement in this crisis. You are to bring this hermit in for questioning.

You then sought out Senior Cleric Kerri at the Temple to Kelemvor. You hoped that he may also have some information on the current crises or even some clue as to who you all are. He offers you the same quest as Commander Orel though asks that you bring the hermit to the temple before turning him over to the town watch.

Thus far you have been unable to find out any information on who you all are or where you all came from. No one seems to be able to identify the markings on your shoulders.



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