Shattered Truths

Judgment Part I

A_Hearing.jpgThe party are woken and brought before The Fairhaven Council of Nine. The council was called together to descuss the events of the past few days including the attack on the town and the parties escape from the town cells.

The council, headed by Mayor Grobert Annan, begin by discussing the attack on the town. The party learned that the undead massed just outside the town and layed siege, preventing anyone from entering or exiting the town. In response to this threat the town watch moved more guards to the walls and gates.

After several hours a smaller undead force moved up from the waters of the river and attacked the town from within. They were able to move freely through the streets killing and burning as they went until they were met by a group of paladins and town watch at the Hall of Great Valor. Here the main force of the attack was halted but due to the low numbers of guards available, some of the undead were able to make their way around the defenders, through the graveyard and into the Temple of Kelemvor.

It was here that a small number of watchmen heading from the South Gate were able to mount a defense. The party arrived at this time and aided in the defeat of the undead outside the temple and were solely responsible for the rescue of Brother Symond and Senior Cleric Kerri from a monstrous undead minitor.

The council came to the conclusion that the undead were attempting to obtain the Shards of Bhaal from the reliquary in the temple and that the party were responsible for preventing them from succeeding.

They also discussed the attack in the town market and the possible implications this may have for the party and the town.

Finally they revealed that a pair of figures baring the same tattoos as the party, were seen among the undead and that they are believed to be in league with them.

The parties rescue of Brother Symond at his home, their retrieval of the Shards of Bhaal, the attack of the large fiend in the marketplace, the parties escape from the cells, their defiance of the survivors of the undead attack on the temple and the sighting of these figures baring the same markings are all discussed fully along with the testimony of Harry the spy sent into the cells to question the party in secret. The Mayer then passed judgment.

He judges that there was not enough evidence to convict or to hold the party.

He believed that the party were not deliberately threatening the safety of the town and that their actions have proven them to be decent people. He admited that the appearance of these markings on the figures among the undead was troubling and that more information on them would be needed.



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