Shattered Truths

Detained Part II

The_Undead_Threat_Banner_1.jpgAfter escaping from your unjust captivity at the hands of the townspeople of Fairhaven, you find yourself in the middle of a battle with the forces of the undead.


As you reached the streets you were faced with townspeople panicking and running east, away from an undead attack. You questioned one of the fleeing townspeople and found out that the undead were able to make their way into the city and attack.

The watch were able to muster but not before the horde made their way to the Temple of Kelemvor.

Upon reaching the temple you were faced with a battle. Several groups of watchmen were fighting a group of zombies and skeletons that were trying to make their way into the temple. You were able to help the watch overcome them and make your way into the temple.

Once inside you were faced with a skeleton minitor. It had gravely wounded Keri and was killing the temple acolytes. The watchmen that entered with you fled from the carnage. You stayed in order to kill the beast.

After the battle you found that Kerri had been gravely injured. Symond explained that he refused to flee from the attack. That he wanted to stay and defend his acolytes and the alter.

The party were escorted back to the Temple of Torm. There you were told that the Council of Nine has been called for the following day. There, the events of today would be discussed and a judgment would be handed down for the party. You were moved to more comfortable quarters, usually reserved for visiting paladins of the various orders of Torm, in the temple.



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