Shattered Truths

Detained Part I

Unjust_Captivity.jpgThe party wake up in a series of jail cells. Andrew in one, Claire in another and Slick and John in a third. A guard takes notice that they are awake and mentions that a Cleric of Torm will be down to inspect their wounds.

After a failed attempt to get more information from the guard the party began to speak to ,Harry, one of the other prisoners in John and Slick’s cell. He informed them that they were detained after the incident in the market place. No one know what exactly happened but people were rattled enough to warrant locking you up for fear that you had something to do with the summoning of that creature.
The Merchant’s Guild in particular, were extremely vocal about your imprisonment and are calling for summery punishment.

Upon hearing this you begin to plan your escape. After a short time Cleric Aliem arrived to tend to your groups wounds. She explains that the party were found a short time after their altercation with the ‘fiend’. They were unconscious and badly wounded. It is at this time that the party realised that Robbie was taken by the ‘fiend’ and the group that attacked them.

John was able to steal several medical tools from her satchel as she rushed through her examination. He was then able to pick the lock on their cell with the stolen medical tools, though you decided that you would have to wait for the right time before making your move.
After uncovering a gap in the wall between their cell and Claire’s, John was also able to pick the lock on her mask and shackles.

Claire used a spell to distract the guards and draw them towards her cell. At that moment John and Slick burst from their cell and attacked. After knocking them out they were able to release Andrew.

You were able to fight you way up the stairs, find your equipment and escape the temple.



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